Retirees: June 1 Benefit Payment Falls on a Saturday

Since June 1 falls on a Saturday, receipt of your funds can be affected by whether you receive a check or direct deposit and your financial institution’s rules when the first falls on a weekend and/or holiday.

Direct Deposits are guaranteed to be in your bank or credit union on the first day of the month. When the first falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, funds may not be available until the following business day. In these cases, please contact your financial institution directly for information on when your funds will be made available to you. That decision is made by your financial institution, not LASERS. If you have not received your direct deposit by the first business day of the month, please contact LASERS in Baton Rouge at 225.922.0600 or toll-free at 800.256.3000.

Paper checks are mailed for delivery on the first of each month. However, delivery can be delayed due to inclement weather and holidays. If you have not received your monthly benefit check by the fifth business day of the month, you should take the following steps:

  1. Notify LASERS in writing that you wish to have the check reissued. The written notification must include your name, Social Security number, and signature.
  2. To avoid this issue in the future, sign up for Direct Deposit by filling out and submitting Form 04-05: Authorization for Direct Deposit electronically through myLASERS.