It’s never too early to begin planning for retirement!

MINT is designed to educate early-career LASERS members on the basics of the System and guide them toward a secure financial future.

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How do you picture your life at retirement?

What are you doing now to prepare for a financially secure retirement? Travel with Jenny as she meets her future self and answers this question.


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Refer to these tools when you sit down to focus on your finances. Use the resources provided in each image to further educate yourself on each topic!

Young LASERS Members Offer Insight to Reaching Retirement Goals

Three LASERS members – Carrie Heffron, Margaret Corley, and Annie Smith – are each in different stages of their young careers, but are managing their journeys to retirement as if they were seasoned employees. Click here to read their stories and how each plan to reach their retirement goals.

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MINT is designed to guide members in the direction toward a secure financial future.  LASERS does not offer financial, legal, or tax advice.