Watch Our Virtual Presentation!

In this video, LASERS Board of Trustees and staff present the latest important information to active and retired members.

  • LASERS is financially sound with $12.3 billion in actuarial value of assets;
  • Our new online account management tool, myLASERS, is now live.
  • New rules are in place regarding Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) with the passage of the SECURE Act of 2019.
  • Regarding your privacy, LASERS DOES NOT make member lists available to insurance companies or any other commercial entities. If a company represents itself as being affiliated with LASERS, report it to our Phone Center at 1.800.256.3000. LASERS will not call you to set up a meeting in your home;
  • A general cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is not expected this year because sufficient funds are not available in the Experience Account. This account was legislatively established so that excess investment earnings could fund COLAs.

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Presenters include RSEA staff and chapter leaders, Office of Group Benefits, Department of Insurance, AARP, Blue Cross, and more.