View Your Annual Member Statement in Self-Service

Member Annual Statements for 2019 are now available to view in your account.

Active members, members working after *DROP, and reemployed retirees may now review their annual statements from 2008 through 2019 in Self-Service.

*Members participating in DROP do not receive an annual statement.

How to Report a Discrepancy

Please review your annual statement carefully. Report any discrepancies to your Human Resources office. To update your beneficiary, complete Form 01-06: Designation of Beneficiary.

Paper Statements Arriving soon

Paper statements will arrive in your mailbox soon.
As a reminder, members who elected to receive their statements electronically through the paperless option will not receive a statement in the mail.
Would you like to receive paperless statements in the future?
Follow these instructions to opt-in to paperless annual statements.