Sunburst Cyber-Attack Information

On Wednesday, December 16, LASERS was made aware that our name appeared on a list of possible government organizations who may have fallen victim to a cyber-attack called Sunburst. The Sunburst attack is delivered through a software update of the IT software tool, SolarWinds.

LASERS does not own or use SolarWinds software products in our environment, but out of an abundance of caution, we initiated a full investigation of our network servers upon hearing of the issue.

LASERS asked the Louisiana State Police Cyber Crime Unit to assist in our investigation.

Initial scans of our network servers have shown no indication that any LASERS servers have been impacted or infiltrated.

A deep-dive investigation continues and the State Police Cyber Crime Unit estimates that it will take up to a week to complete the investigation.

The SolarWinds Orion software is a suite of tools used by IT administrators to monitor and manage sophisticated computer networks.  These tools do things like Network Performance Monitoring, Server and Application Monitoring, Network Configuration Control,  Security Log Analysis, IP Address Management, Network Virtualization Management and many other uses.

LASERS uses other software products that do the same sorts of things, but the reason large business and government agencies choose SolarWinds is because it is one product to manage, as opposed to several separate products.

LASERS has, in the past, evaluated the product and ultimately decided that it was not a good fit for LASERS.