LASERS is a long-term investor managed by its Board of Trustees and a team of dedicated investment professionals. Investment income is the main source of revenue for benefits paid to our members and their beneficiaries.

One-third of plan assets are managed internally by LASERS investment staff. The remaining two-thirds are managed by external money managers selected by the Board of Trustees.

Our ultimate goal is to provide members with retirement stability. This is achieved by maintaining an appropriate asset allocation, which consists of broadly diversified assets and minimizing exposure to risk. The investment approach is structured to preserve and enhance principal over the long term. While investments are diversified to minimize the risk of significant losses, short-term fluctuations are expected and do not cause the Plan to veer off course.

You can explore this section to find the Plan’s asset allocation, fund managers, performance, DROP rate-of-return, investment reports, and answers to frequently asked questions.