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Member’s Guide to Retirement

This may be your most important LASERS resource. It contains detailed information about LASERS membership to help you plan for and enjoy your retirement.

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Messages From LASERS:

If you are a retiree approaching age 65, we encourage you to check with Social Security and the Office of Group Benefits about Medicare options.

Here are samples to illustrate how staying in the current retirement plan or switching to the Hazardous Duty Services Plan would impact a number of hypothetical firefighters.

Learn about the LASERS Self-Directed Plan on November 5, 2019 in New Orleans. Click for additional information.

LASERS held a Retiree Workshop on Wednesday, July 24. Click to view the presentations and video from the workshop.

MINT is targeted to early-career members and provides information on various LASERS topics and helps guide you toward a secure financial future.

Hurricane season is June 1 – November 30. Click the banner to learn how you can prepare your family for possible disasters.

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Did You Know?

Benefits for members who serve in hazardous duty positions were increased during the 2018 Regular Louisiana Legislative Session. Members in certain plans who are injured in the line of duty by an intentional act of violence will now receive a benefit of 100 percent of their final average compensation, based on Act 595.

Only 26% of state employees participate in the Louisiana Public Employees’ Deferred Comp Plan, so that means the other 74% are not taking advantage of a benefit that can make retirement more affordable. Watch our video to learn about the benefits of participating in Deferred Comp to supplement your LASERS retirement.

If you are a retiree with a beneficiary who passed away, you may be eligible to increase your monthly benefit. If the beneficiary you selected to pay a monthly benefit to predeceases you, you should complete Form 10-07, and submit that form to LASERS. 

A member’s unused annual and sick leave is not calculated when the member enters DROP. It is calculated when the member terminates state service and LASERS finalizes his or her retirement benefit.

LASERS retirement eligibility rules DIFFER from the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) retiree eligibility for insurance coverage. Please review information about OGB’s coverage for retirees on their website and contact OGB Customer Service at 1.800.272.8451 with any questions.