Video Library

Our member education videos below are designed to help you better understand your retirement options, things to consider before retirement, how to use myLASERS, and more.

Check out our complete video library here on YouTube.

Pre-Retirement Education Program (PREP)

This recorded seminar provides an overview of LASERS, service credit, retirement eligibility, types of retirement, and much more.

DROP vs. IBO: Is Either the Right Option for Me?

This recorded seminar defines these two retirement options, explains how each is funded, and how and when to apply.

Purchases of Service Credit

Learn about opportunities to purchase service credit and the potential benefits of making such a decision.

Unused Annual & Sick Leave

Learn how unused accumulated annual and sick leave can become an additional benefit at the time of retirement.

What is Your Plan & Retirement Eligibility?

Learn how to determine which LASERS retirement plan you are enrolled in and determine your retirement eligibility.

Social Security Offsets: WEP & GPO

This video explains how federal offsets can affect your Social Security benefit if you receive a LASERS benefit.

The Deferred Compensation Plan

Learn about the benefits of participating in the Deferred Compensation Plan to supplement your future LASERS retirement.

Countdown to Retirement

This video provides the essential steps you should take in the months, weeks, and days leading up to retirement.

Purchases of Military Service

Learn about various opportunities to purchase military service credit and the potential benefits of making such a decision.

Judges Retirement Plan

This video explains the specifics of the retirement plan for Judges hired on or after January 1, 2011.


How to Create an Account

Walk through the steps of creating an account and setting up multi-factor authentication.

How to Upload Documents

Learn how to quickly and easily upload certain important documents to LASERS.

Submit an eForm

Learn how to fill out, sign, and submit certain eForms to LASERS.

Check an Application Status

Learn how to check the status of an application or form you submitted to LASERS.

Set Communication Preferences

Learn how to view and adjust notifications settings.


LASERS: Your Retirement System

This video provides an overview of LASERS and the defined benefit plan, and expands your knowledge on the retirement system.

LASERS: Your Retirement System

This video training class provides an overview of the System and the defined benefit plan, and expands your knowledge on the retirement system. It is recommended for both new and existing state employees and should only take about 15 minutes to complete.

Two Learning Options: 

1. Enroll in the optional training class* on Success Factors. Follow these instructions once logged in:

  1. Click on the Success Factors tab
  2. Under Quick Action, click on My Learning
  3. Under the tab named My Learning Assignments, go to the Keyword box and type in the search term: LASERS, and click Enter
  4. Under the search results, select LASERS – Your Retirement System
  5. Click Start Course

*This course is not mandatory so it will not appear on your training transcript.

2. View on YouTube.
Please be aware that access may be denied to YouTube at your workplace because of filters put in place by your agency.