Retired Members

While you enjoy your retirement, we hope you stay connected with LASERS. Explore this section and the menu options to find the tools you need to manage your account and stay informed about your retirement.

Benefit Payments & Direct Deposit

Benefit payments are scheduled to be paid on the first of the month. However, receipt of your funds can be affected by whether you receive a check or direct deposit and your financial institution’s rules when the first falls on a weekend or holiday.

COLAs & Act 184

Cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) are not automatic or guaranteed, and several criteria must be met before a COLA may be granted. In addition, Act 184 of the 2023 Legislative Session reforms the mechanism by which future COLAs are funded and granted. Learn more about COLA eligibility criteria, Act 184, and other frequently asked questions in this section.

Social Security Offsets

The LASERS Board of Trustees considers the reduction or elimination of the WEP and GPO as a significant Board issue. However, any change to these offsets must be made on the federal level. LASERS continues to track federal and state legislation regarding changes to the WEP and GPO and will keep members informed as changes occur

Unclaimed Property

Search LASERS Unclaimed Property listing to determine if we may be holding funds belonging to you or your beneficiary. These funds could consist of unclaimed benefit checks or contributions left at LASERS by deceased members.

News & Notes for New Retirees

Are you newly retired? News and Notes includes information about the advantages of Direct Deposit of your benefit check, how to handle a change of beneficiaries, tax and insurance information, and more.

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