Age 65 & Medicare

Are you approaching age 65? Check with Social Security and the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) about your Medicare options.

In general, if you are enrolled in an OGB health insurance plan and become eligible for premium-free Medicare A when retired, OGB requires you to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B. Medicare then becomes your primary coverage and OGB is your secondary coverage and your OGB premiums are reduced.

You must provide OGB with a copy of your Medicare card. Alternatively, if you are not eligible for the premium free Medicare A, please send OGB a letter from Social Security that you are not eligible.

Once enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, your OGB drug benefit becomes a Medicare Part D plan. Enrollment in any other Medicare Part D plan cancels your OGB coverage.

Medicare: It’s Complicated

The Office of Group Benefits provided more information on this topic in The Beam newsletter.

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