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For your convenience most documents in the Board of Trustees portal are presented in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and are able to be downloaded and printed.

Board Governance Policies


Audit Committee Charter (PDF, 119 KB)
Audit Committee Fundamentals Manual (PDF, 1 MB)
Audit Resolution Policy (PDF, 100 KB)
Audit Services Division Charter (PDF, 91 KB)
Board Charter (PDF, 123 KB)
Board Education and Travel (PDF, 154 KB)
Board Leadership Charter (PDF, 64 KB)
Charter for the Executive Director (PDF, 141 KB)
Investment Committee Charter (PDF, 48 KB)
Investment Objectives – General Issues (Investment Policy – Section A) (PDF, 387 KB)
Investment Objectives – Manager Guidelines (Investment Policy – Section B) (PDF, 336 KB)
Legislative Committee Charter (PDF, 51 KB)
Management Committee Charter (PDF, 116 KB)
Vendor Selection Policy (PDF, 108 KB)


LASERS Identity & Style Guide
The Beam – LASERS quarterly membership newsletter
The Link – LASERS Employee newsletter
Cybersecurity Newsletter

Travel Forms and FAQs

Employee Travel Waiver (PDF, 72 KB)
State Parking Certificate for Baton Rouge Airport (PDF, 140 KB)
Travel Authorization Form (PDF, 468 KB)
Travel FAQS (PDF, 213 KB)
Travel Policy (PDF, 267 KB)
Travel Policy – Attachment A (PDF, 786 KB)
Travel Policy – Attachment B (PDF, 168 KB)
Travel Pocket Guide (PDF, 208 KB)
Louisiana Comprehensive Travel Guide (PDF, 2 MB)
Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF, 467 KB)
Sales Tax Exemption Form Lodging/Rentals/Parking (PDF, 65 KB)


Conflict of Interest Affirmation (PDF, 70 KB)