When LASERS was established in 1946, a Board of Trustees of seven members was created. The first Board included: C.C. Smith, Chairman; James O. Dolby; P.A. Frye; N.P. Himbert; W.L. Ward, Sr.; C.J. Winters; and Bonnie V. Baker. The first recorded meeting was on July 1, 1947 at Old Peabody Hall, near the Pentagon Barracks.

Over the years, many Trustees have served on the Board, either as elected or ex officio members. Their contributions to the success of LASERS have been immeasurable.

The Board of Trustees is committed to carrying out its responsibilities in a manner consistent with the highest standards of fiduciary practice. The Board is responsible for establishing policy and overseeing LASERS operations. Louisiana law allows the Board to adopt rules and regulations in administering LASERS programs and benefits.

Meet our current 13-member Board of Trustees.

View timeline information on legislation that has changed the structure of the Board and historic Board events.

1946 Act 126 created a Board of Trustees of seven members appointed by the Governor; required four be replaced by election of System members in 1947.
1948  First woman Trustee: Evelyn Perkins. 

Act 442 added the State Treasurer as an ex officio Board member and increased to five elected active members, bringing the size of the Board to nine.

Also, imposed a limit of two consecutive terms for elected members.

1970 Act 39 replaced the non-state employee member of the Board with another active member elected by System members, bringing the total to six elected active members.

Act 224 added a retiree member to the Board, increasing the Board size to 10 members. The retiree member was required to be retired for at least two years and was appointed by the executive board of the Retired State Employees Association (RSEA).

1983 Act 24 provided that the Chair of the House Retirement Committee would replace the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee as an ex officio member of the 10 member Board of Trustees.

Act 683 added a second retiree member, with that member to be elected by the retired members of the System, increasing to 11 the number of Trustees.

1984 First minority Trustee: Cheryl C. Turner.
1987 Act 930 provided that both retiree members of the Board would be elected by retirees.
1995 Act 556 added a third retiree member of the Board, increasing to 12 the number of Trustees.
1997 Act 6 provided that the Chair of the Senate Retirement Committee would replace the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee as an ex officio member.

Act 25 limited Board of Trustees members to three consecutive four-year terms.

1999 Act 737 removed the requirement of being retired at least two years to run for a retiree seat on the Board of Trustees.
2012 Act 113 added the Commissioner of Administration as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees, increasing the number of Trustees to 13.
2021 LASERS celebrates 75th anniversary; Barbara McManus recognized as longest serving Board member.

LASERS Board Through the Years


(L-R) Back Row: Emile J. Maciasz, Francis Landry, Shady Wall, James Jolly, Louis Duclos; Front Row: Helen Watson, W.W. McDougall, Barbara McManus


(L-R) William Kemp, Barbara McManus, Bob Dennie, James Jolly, Cheryl Turner, B.B. Rayburn, Francis Landry, Mary Cannon


(L-R) Cheryl Turner, Mary Cannon, Sona Young, Barbara McManus, Bill Kemp, Jan LaBorde, State Treasurer Mary Landrieu, Connie Carlton


(L-R) Roy Schaeffer, Cheryl Turner, Barbara McManus, Jean Batiste, Sona Young, Jan LaBorde, Connie Carlton, State Treasurer Mary Landrieu


(L-R) Back Row: Connie Carlton, Cheryl Turner, Kathy Singleton, Lambert Boissiere, Barbara McManus, Cynthia Bridges, Judge Trudy White; Front Row: Sheryl Ranatza, Louis Quinn, Virginia Burton


(L-R) Back Row: Janice Lansing, Charles Castille, Susan Pappan, Barbara McManus, Lori Pierce; Front Row: Senator Butch Gautreaux, Connie Carlton, Kathy Singleton, Beverly Hodges, Designee for Treasurer, Whit Kling


(L-R) Back Row: Designee for Treasurer Whit Kling, Lori Pierce, Kathy Singleton, Janice Lansing, Thomas Bickham; Front Row: Barbara McManus, Connie Carlton, Beverly Hodges


(L-R) Back Row: Designee for Division of Administration Ben Huxen, Lori Pierce, Barbara McManus, Thomas Bickham; Front Row: Janice Lansing, Shannon  Templet, Connie Carlton, Beverly Hodges


(L-R) Back Row: Kathy Singleton, Judge William Kleinpeter, Thomas Bickham, Janice Lansing; Front Row: Lori Pierce, Beverly Hodges, Lorry Trotter, Virginia Burton, Shannon Templet